Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pin Cushions

 In my previous post I made mention of some cross stitch kits that I was thinking of making into pin cushions. The kits came with a magazine subscription "Cross Stitch Magic" and "Needlecraft Magic". Each magazine came with a little sampler, some where to be made up as cards, others as magnets, needle books etc. Each month I would pull out the kit, stitch in the gridlines, sometimes I would start stitching....... at the time I had two very full on boys, newborn and a toddler so inevitably they would end up back in their packets and stored away.

More kits than I can poke a stick at.....
I love pin cushions, I just don't like using them. I had a couple packed away for years and recently pulled them out and hung them in my sewing room. They are only little and looked lonely and the idea came to me they might like some company and it all just fell into place with what I could do with the little kits.
At the moment I have some long winded projects on the go and will not see a Monthly finish for the Sew it's Finished Blog - and as I made a commitment to this blog I needed something that was achievable and the double whammy, a UFO would be removed from my massive list.

The two little cross stitches are my first finish. I have added the ribbon for hanging purposes, they will never be used as their name implies.
 The miniature quilt also pictured is the tiny leftovers from a quilt I made for my Mother and Father in Law about 7 years ago. The squares are 3/4" finished. It is a replica of the bigger picture, so to speak. It will be used as a coaster.

Present for the In Laws

These are cross stitches I finished years ago that I will also make into Pin Cushions.

And finally, a couple more hexagons on the go for my Vignette Hexagon Quilt, only 5 more flowers to go.

My next pin cushion on the go.......

 I almost feel like I need to start a pin cushion addict group for support with this little fetish I have that is very quickly busting out of control. What do you think?


  1. As you know Kaye, I'm in you're ahead of me though, first i need some stuffing which I will be getting this week.

  2. lovely stitching! What a fab idea, you don't have to use pincushions as a place to put pins, they make great decorations too.

  3. Little cushions are a great way to display your pretty cross stitched designs.
    Collector is a much better word than addict!
    Enjoy your new decorations.

  4. Just love those wee pincushions especially the Houses in a Row..
    Oh how do I follow you please???