Thursday, 28 August 2014

I have lost 17 months

I must admit I have no idea where the last 17 months have gone. At least when I was writing on my blog previously I was able to sort of track time with what I was sewing, with time well away from me I have no perspective of what I have done.
I stopped blogging when Blogger was going through a lot of changes and I just did not have the patience and sit and work through them. I have not been able to comment on other blogs ( still trying to work out why ) although I have been reading and enjoying........ I have decided to expand my computer skills which was one of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place - a practical application - So this means sitting and working through the issues...... Plus I have gone from a windows PC to Mac - the same but different.

The last 17 months has seen me working, at some points full time,  my youngest started high school, my middle son while managing full time senior high school also working 20 hours a week - a lot of drop offs and pick ups until his full license comes into play in November and my oldest in his 3rd year Electricians apprenticeship. My husband and I had our first out of Australia holiday - photos will follow in future posts, My husband and oldest son were involved in separate minor car accidents each in their brand new cars, we have a new family member - a Pink and Grey Galah named Fawkes - rescued from the nest when her mother was killed. The list of happenings is extensive - Good and not so good seems to keep us all very busy.
I have still managed to do a bit of sewing, it has helped me keep everything balanced. So the least I can do is write about it, so that I can track time once again.
So this being only a written post while I work out where to start - I am still here.......