Monday, 30 May 2011

The Craft and Quilt Show Perth

I know I am a little late posting about the Craft and Quilt Show and my excuse may be considered poor but..... I will give it anyway - I happened on a fit of sewing in my new room and until I got it out of my system I could not concentrate on anything else. It was a productive fit I feel, photo's later. This is about a little shopping I did at the show.
 I must say that there was not as many retailers as you get at the Melbourne show and I find that a little sad as we are just as crafty and probably a little more starved of retailers over here on the west coast. I am afraid this post is a little photo heavy, but the goodies were so sweet I didn't know what to leave out. I must say shopping with my 10 yr old crafty daughter was probably not a good idea, we both love colour and pretties thus making the day ......... full of little purchases. So without further ado please meet my new additions.

My new little steam iron. Love it

Love the colours

Little Menagerie - Melly Hurlston

Flannels - future rag edge, need a few more.......

Where the Wind Blows - Melanie Hurlston

Sugar and Spice - Great basics for my stash.

A show bag from The Little Bead Shop - 10yr old loves jewelry. I see some beading in my future.  

Kits from Gail B to make Melly and Me's Phoebe the Elephant.

More Kits from Gail B to make Melly and Me's Rudy the Reindeer

 As you can see I have a few designated projects and fabrics for future unknowns. They have spent two weeks on my craft table whilst I got to know them, now they have been put away to rest while I decide what is to become of them. As I write this post I am sad to say that the stuffy head feeling is presenting itself, I am hoping it will not develop into a full blown you know what - fingers crossed a good nights sleep will help. With a warm cup of decaf and a box of tissues I will retire.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Before and After

I picked up this gorgeous ball of Merino hand dyed wool from the craft show in Melbourne a couple of years ago. Of course I started knitting a cute, simple scarf straight away. Then it got put to the bottom of the to do pile when something else came along. Guess what? Two years later I finished it. That would be a UFO off my list.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Art by the Sea

Amber's school held a recycled art class where the students had to use recycled items to create a sculpture. Amber's won a prize and to our delight the winners pieces were to be included in an "Art by the Sea" exhibit.
Only 3 of the many local schools had a display in the Exhibit the rest of the art works were winners in their category by professional artists.

Settlers Primary School Entry

Tranby College Entry. The items on the clothes line were knitted using plastic bags that we bring our shopping home in. I like the dog. I added the comic feel.

It looks really overcast, we were hoping for some rain. Perth is still having beautiful warm weather even though it is close to winter. It was about 25 degrees. The conditions gave an ambience to the art display.
I took a few pictures of some of the other artists work, again all recycled materials.

To finish our art viewing we had icecream at Baskins and Robbins. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. 

Sunday, 22 May 2011


I had a lovely Friday Night Sew In. Like most on a Friday night it seems that the weeks events catch up on you and tiredness sets in. I must admit I had been sewing for some of Friday setting up a project for the night. I probably should have put in some time on a UFO but the project I chose was a quickie and it would be nice to finish something...... Most of what I have on the go are long termers.
My lovely Hubby bought home fish and chips - no cooking. I sat myself down to watch Better Homes and Gardens and Speed. An oldie but goodie action movie saw me stitch with gusto, so this would be my end result.

A table runner "set" for my daughters room.
 ( I have not finished the other smaller matching runner so I can't claim that as FNSI).
It was lovely stitching with you ladies, looking forward to June. 

Friday, 20 May 2011


It has finally arrived - Friday Night Sew In. When I started my blog I came across the button and decided to join. How cool to be sewing at the same time as other ladies all over the world. I will be spending this lovely wet day setting up a couple of projects to stitch in front of the telly tonight. I have plenty of things to choose from but any excuse to spend the day sewing. So Happy FNSI.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My New Room

There has also been some changes happening to my sewing room. My lovely Hubby decided I needed more storage....... Let's not read to much into that. My sewing room is at the moment happily lending space to the study and Hubby has decided that we don't need a study. Wooohooo all sewing room.
Off to Bunnings we tripped. An awful lot of flat pack boxes later and I have a room in progress. Below are 2 before pictures. Yes it is a bit messy..... I call it creative genius, outsiders call it messy. The desk has great surface space but not a lot of storage. The white cupboards will be staying. The desk going.

Left View

Right View

I have the best kids, they all jumped in to help their Dad. There was a heap of cupboards to be built. My 14yr old was showing my 10yr old how to use a drill. She was chuffed, she got to build some drawers. As you can see it is in all how you hold your tongue.

As I am writing this, I am putting the last few things away ready to take some pictures of the end result. I still have a design wall to build and my husband will be making some quilt hangers, at the moment I am using some screws that were already there.
 Right View

 Middle View

 Left View

This craft table has cupboards and draws on both sides, it is also on wheels so is totally movable. It fits my cutting mat with heaps of room to spare. And let me say that this will be the last time it will be seen without "creative genius".
 Check out the wheels, six of them - four locking so the table will stay still when needed.

Ruler cupboard, will get a stand made soon, not pushing my luck with Hubby at the moment.

the best bit is that the cupboards and work bench are kitchen bench tall, as I am on the taller side this will save my back. I am very happy to say that at the moment my cupboards are half full - with a craft show only 12 hours away...........

Monday, 16 May 2011

Hit the Deck !

Well this week started out with a bang. My 16yr old had a spill which meant i got a phone call and spent a day at the Doctor's, I know boys will be boys. With a little help......... He bit through his bottom lip resulting in 4 stitches and a dislocated AC Joint in his shoulder. Luckily it popped straight back in. So he has been home all week, eating off a teaspoon or sucking through a straw. 16 yr old boys like food too much to suck it through a straw. I have not posted pictures of the injured boy, not nice..... However I have been very busy with my hexagons and I  have basted enough hexagons for 60 flowers.

 I have been sitting watching DVD's with my boy while he has been convalescing. It's not often your almost grownup boy needs his Mum so you make the effort with sewing on your knee to keep him company.

I also did a little shopping, A very good friend of mine has tasked me a job, and my daughter has put her hand   up for some bits in her room. I love these colours.

Some changes have been happening in my sewing room, can't wait to show you.
P.S. His stitches came out today and he his looking heaps better, back to school tomorrow.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Finished Tops

I have had a couple of very productive days at my sewing machine. Feeling quite chuffed. Quite a long time ago I purchased a kit and pattern from Patchwork with Gail B. I t is a Teddlywinks design called "Christmas Time for Teddy Bears # 4608" It had been kitted with Nancy Halvorsen's "I Believe" range. Unfortunately I am a Nancy nut so after cutting the kits for others and seeing it day in day out hanging in the shop, I bought it. Needless to say it ended up in my UFO pile. I started it with all good intentions of having it finished for Christmas. I didn't say what year so I suppose technically I have finished it for Christmas - HEHE.

The stitcheries are so cute, over 200 french knots. I stopped counting....

I pieced it all yesterday and added the borders today. It has not been quilted yet as I am waiting for my batting and quilt basting spray to arrive, but can't wait to get started. I will keep the quilting very simple on it as it is a wall hanging.

I have also added the borders to "Simple Pleasures" I was procrastinating over the borders but bit the bullet and also finished it today. I have decided to quilt this one myself also when the batting arrives.

I have finished tracing my "Tis the Season" blocks and have almost finished stitching one. Now since I was a late starter on this project, I am 5 blocks behind so every night I am trying to put in at least and hour. My only problem with this is I am torn between this and my hexagons....On that note .........

   Another four finished, so I now have 21. I precut a heap of fabrics a very long time ago and 'papered' what I thought was quite a few. Yay I have run out so I will sit tonight and set up a few more. I also finished tracing the stitcheries, I think in one of my previous posts I had 20+ to do. I am now tossing up whether to do them all the same or use up some old anchor threads and mix it up a little. hmmmmm That decision will be solved in my sleep. A busy weekend ahead so hopefully I can fit a little stitching.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Gareth's Quilt

My younger brother wanted a quilt. That's nice I said. What theme would you like, color preference? Whatever you choose will be fine he says. Hmmmmmmm A clean blank slate, making it for someone else. Easy? Sometimes a few guidelines are good. I had just started working casually at a quilt shop so while I was working I would have a sneak peak at what I could do. There was a quilt kit called Nantucket designed by Patchwork with Gail B in blue red and white and since Gareth is in the Australian Navy - I hoped it would be perfect.
The best part was there was very little cutting to do. The quilt design used charm squares to make up the centre. It really was very easy to make up the quilt.

 The quilting was done in a beige thread and unfortunately I cannot remember who did it. I was trying out a couple of different ladies and it is all a blur. I have made so many things for other people over the years, I have never really kept any diary of what, who, how and why and I am now wishing I had.

 I did label it, and thought I would take a picture for my reference - a start anyway. Look how poor the photo is ! What sort of record will this be for me. Hehehehe.

I was really pleased with the end result it is a wide single bed size and I used 60% wool 40 % polyester batting. It gives a warmth without being heavy. I washed the navy blue and red fabrics used in the borders and sashings, however I didn't wash the charm squares. I was worried about colour bleed as I have had some "experiences" with these colours before. I hoped that when the finished quilt did eventually get washed that I hadn't messed with the shrinkage. I have been told it has been washed and all is good.
P.S. The flags at the nautical theme party looked great.
P.P.S I have started tracing blocks for Tis the Season. Can't wait to start stitching them.
P.P.P.S 200 plus french knots for another project, Can't wait to show you what it is.........