Monday, 16 May 2011

Hit the Deck !

Well this week started out with a bang. My 16yr old had a spill which meant i got a phone call and spent a day at the Doctor's, I know boys will be boys. With a little help......... He bit through his bottom lip resulting in 4 stitches and a dislocated AC Joint in his shoulder. Luckily it popped straight back in. So he has been home all week, eating off a teaspoon or sucking through a straw. 16 yr old boys like food too much to suck it through a straw. I have not posted pictures of the injured boy, not nice..... However I have been very busy with my hexagons and I  have basted enough hexagons for 60 flowers.

 I have been sitting watching DVD's with my boy while he has been convalescing. It's not often your almost grownup boy needs his Mum so you make the effort with sewing on your knee to keep him company.

I also did a little shopping, A very good friend of mine has tasked me a job, and my daughter has put her hand   up for some bits in her room. I love these colours.

Some changes have been happening in my sewing room, can't wait to show you.
P.S. His stitches came out today and he his looking heaps better, back to school tomorrow.

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