Monday, 30 May 2011

The Craft and Quilt Show Perth

I know I am a little late posting about the Craft and Quilt Show and my excuse may be considered poor but..... I will give it anyway - I happened on a fit of sewing in my new room and until I got it out of my system I could not concentrate on anything else. It was a productive fit I feel, photo's later. This is about a little shopping I did at the show.
 I must say that there was not as many retailers as you get at the Melbourne show and I find that a little sad as we are just as crafty and probably a little more starved of retailers over here on the west coast. I am afraid this post is a little photo heavy, but the goodies were so sweet I didn't know what to leave out. I must say shopping with my 10 yr old crafty daughter was probably not a good idea, we both love colour and pretties thus making the day ......... full of little purchases. So without further ado please meet my new additions.

My new little steam iron. Love it

Love the colours

Little Menagerie - Melly Hurlston

Flannels - future rag edge, need a few more.......

Where the Wind Blows - Melanie Hurlston

Sugar and Spice - Great basics for my stash.

A show bag from The Little Bead Shop - 10yr old loves jewelry. I see some beading in my future.  

Kits from Gail B to make Melly and Me's Phoebe the Elephant.

More Kits from Gail B to make Melly and Me's Rudy the Reindeer

 As you can see I have a few designated projects and fabrics for future unknowns. They have spent two weeks on my craft table whilst I got to know them, now they have been put away to rest while I decide what is to become of them. As I write this post I am sad to say that the stuffy head feeling is presenting itself, I am hoping it will not develop into a full blown you know what - fingers crossed a good nights sleep will help. With a warm cup of decaf and a box of tissues I will retire.


  1. What an awesome haul you have there! Sounds like a wonderful show.

  2. I am so glad that you got to go to the show... we planned on going to the one here but it didn't work out, but there are still another two later in the year.. I love the fabrics..

  3. What a lot of beautiful fabrics, you will have such fun working on those projects!