Sunday, 22 May 2011


I had a lovely Friday Night Sew In. Like most on a Friday night it seems that the weeks events catch up on you and tiredness sets in. I must admit I had been sewing for some of Friday setting up a project for the night. I probably should have put in some time on a UFO but the project I chose was a quickie and it would be nice to finish something...... Most of what I have on the go are long termers.
My lovely Hubby bought home fish and chips - no cooking. I sat myself down to watch Better Homes and Gardens and Speed. An oldie but goodie action movie saw me stitch with gusto, so this would be my end result.

A table runner "set" for my daughters room.
 ( I have not finished the other smaller matching runner so I can't claim that as FNSI).
It was lovely stitching with you ladies, looking forward to June. 


  1. That looks really pretty Kaye, I love the look of table runners! And I agree, it is nice to complete something in an evening sometimes!

  2. Lovely Kaye,
    Great colors, your daughter will love it..