Monday, 2 May 2011

Gareth's Quilt

My younger brother wanted a quilt. That's nice I said. What theme would you like, color preference? Whatever you choose will be fine he says. Hmmmmmmm A clean blank slate, making it for someone else. Easy? Sometimes a few guidelines are good. I had just started working casually at a quilt shop so while I was working I would have a sneak peak at what I could do. There was a quilt kit called Nantucket designed by Patchwork with Gail B in blue red and white and since Gareth is in the Australian Navy - I hoped it would be perfect.
The best part was there was very little cutting to do. The quilt design used charm squares to make up the centre. It really was very easy to make up the quilt.

 The quilting was done in a beige thread and unfortunately I cannot remember who did it. I was trying out a couple of different ladies and it is all a blur. I have made so many things for other people over the years, I have never really kept any diary of what, who, how and why and I am now wishing I had.

 I did label it, and thought I would take a picture for my reference - a start anyway. Look how poor the photo is ! What sort of record will this be for me. Hehehehe.

I was really pleased with the end result it is a wide single bed size and I used 60% wool 40 % polyester batting. It gives a warmth without being heavy. I washed the navy blue and red fabrics used in the borders and sashings, however I didn't wash the charm squares. I was worried about colour bleed as I have had some "experiences" with these colours before. I hoped that when the finished quilt did eventually get washed that I hadn't messed with the shrinkage. I have been told it has been washed and all is good.
P.S. The flags at the nautical theme party looked great.
P.P.S I have started tracing blocks for Tis the Season. Can't wait to start stitching them.
P.P.P.S 200 plus french knots for another project, Can't wait to show you what it is.........


  1. lovely quilt for your brother..........

  2. Your quilt is lovely. I Think your brother is going to love it and if he dose not I will have it because it is gorgeous.