Thursday, 28 April 2011

Better Late than Never

I have decided to join the "Tis The Season" stitch a long a little late than never. I have been sitting on the book for a couple of months now. My thought pattern was, I have a heap of projects on the go - I should finish a few before starting another........ I have been a silent observer of the online stitch along, watching the beautiful stitcheries and their fabrics posted by their creators - the best part being from one design how many different looks that each quilter has chosen. That's it, I would love to be a part of it. Okay, I need a background fabric..... Nothing appealed to me at the fabric shops. Silly thing is as I was searching for another fabric in my stash, I fell on what will now be the background for my stitcheries.

So I have quite a bit to catch up on and have not decided what fabrics to sash my stitchings with but I am sure The light bulb moment will occur.
I have started tracing my stitchery hexagons for the Vignette hexagon quilt, only 29 to go.
 Plus my other little project, not so quilty but has used some of the "skills"- My friends daughter is turning 18 and is having a nautical themed party. While looking on the net for decoration ideas I kept coming across nautical flags. The flags have a double meaning for instance the "Diver Below" is also the letter A. Brain starts ticking . . . .  I can make those . . . . Out comes the graph paper and I started drawing. The end size of the flags is 8". Don't you just love imperial measurement. It just seems to make it simple. Moat of the flags were easy cuts however three letters I foundation pieced and one had to be needle turned appliqued.

I pillowcased the flags to hide the backs added cotton tabs in the seams when I sewed them for hanging. They will later be stitched to cotton rope. I also used cotton drill as it was a bit heavier duty ( I also prewashed - considering the colours)
Altogether 27 flags. I actually had a lot of fun doing these and it only took about five hours all up, including the designing stage. It helps when letters are doubled up. I have shown the birthday girl as I didn't tell her what I was up to and she loves them to bits. She now has her name spelt in nautical flags. Her party is this Saturday and I can't wait to see them up.
Now back to tracing Tis the season and Vignette.


  1. welcome to the sure is addictive..........

  2. I would love to join this stitch a long too but I think I need another life time to do everything!! Hope you enjoy it..