Thursday, 21 April 2011

Why delay ?

A couple of years ago Jenny M and I went shop hopping in Melbourne. Jenny knows all the stores and was "introducing" me to them. At one of the shops we fell in love with a book Simple Pleasures by Anni Downs - Hatched and Patched and we decided to do the quilt together. We went halves in a fat quarter pack with fabrics by American Jane - Moda. We had the best intentions of doing our stitching on our Friday night catchup... Hmmmm more talking than stitching. 

I can't believe I finally finished the stitcheries, It took an interstate move and a lot of very hot days. When the temperature is above 36degrees weeks in a row you tend to bunker down in the coolest room. 
I have not followed Anni's pattern for the finished quilt. I didn't have enough fabrics in the right colours so I made do with what I had, however I did buy online enough to do the borders. Luckily American Jane's recent fabric ranges are all very similar in theme and colour. 

I have also discovered  that I don't like white for a design wall. My black wall was in use so I fashioned a temporary one out of batting, and even though my fabrics were bright and stood out it actually made them appear far busier and blend. I know it reads as a contradiction. Let's just say it wasn't for me. 

Now to explain the delay - all I have to do is add the borders and with it being a small quilt, I will quilt it myself and it will be finished. Ok........ question........ Why is it still on my design wall ( 2 weeks ) without borders?  I will put this question out there as I really don't have an answer. I could say it is because I enjoy the process so much that I don't want it to end........ I have been sewing other things on my machine so it's not because I have been too busy to sit and sew. Again why delay?

On another note I have started tracing the pattern for my stitched hexagons. Leanne had a template in her latest magazine Vignette. Only 24 more to go and I will have enough for the single bed quilt pictured in her magazine....



  1. oh I love your simple stitcheries..........they look great......

  2. Come on you are a women you now you can have more than one thing on the go. It is going to look very nice when you get it finished..