Thursday, 14 April 2011

I did It

I am probably the last patchworker to order fabrics from overseas. I am always a little nervous buying fabric online and support Australian business. With the Australian dollar doing so well against the USD I thought it was time to jump in and "give it a go" So with credit card in hand, heart in throat and husband looking over shoulder ( to make sure I did it right), I hopped on to a very well known site and placed my order. Hubby is not good to go shopping with. When I placed my order he says " is that all you want?" So I went back to buy a little more hehe.

 I was really impressed that the fabrics were plastic wrapped.

Even with postage I was amazed at how much I saved. The best part was it arrive in under 2 weeks so at 8.45am, a knock at the door and 3 bundles arrived. The best way to start the day. With great excitement I opened the bundles.......

The Jelly Rolls will be made into Xmas pressies for the family, the blues are for my oldest son and the rest for me, I have ideas for them but need to sleep on it before I decide.

This week has been a great week for deliveries, I also got one from my Mum in Melbourne. She does a bit of shopping for me from time to time.

The dresden wedges are going to help me with the Jelly Rolls above. I am hoping to start that project this week. The little dish is a garlic and nut grater, there is a brush that comes with it to clean the gratings into your recipe. Unbeknown to Mum I have a matching olive bowl so I was absolutely chuffed that it completes the set.

This photo also arrived in my package. Unfortunately earlier this year Grandad passed away and Mum came to Perth for his funeral. This photo was taken of the four of us using the timer on my camera ( I taught myself a new function) As you can see there are four generations of sewers posing for the shot. It is only in the last few years Nanna has stopped sewing. Now I get to share my projects with her.




  1. wow you did well with the shopping...........

  2. Fabric in the mail days are the best kind of days! Wish my hubby told me to buy more. LOL
    You have a lovely blog, and the blogging journey is so much fun! Thanks for visiting me, and I'm looking forward to 'seeing' more of you here too.

  3. Glad your overseas shopping trip went well! I love receiving packages. :-)

  4. All your fabric look lovely. What a lovely family phot You ndd to get that into a nice photo frame.

  5. Hello Kaye,

    It certainly is a great way to start the day, nothing like a parcel of material to look admire and touch. Enjoy your weekend.
    Happy days.

  6. Hi Kaye... I try to support quilt stores over here too but...a girls got to have fabric and bargains can't be ignored! Waiting to see what you're going to do with all that lovely 'stash'!