Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Vignette Hexagon Quilt

A couple of years ago a friend showed me some work she was doing with 2 1/2 inch hexagons and reproductions. I fell in love with the idea of hand stitching a quilt. It was not going to be finished tomorrow, it was something that would be there as long as I wanted it to be. When I got home I had a look at my stash and just couldn't decide which fat 1/4's to cut into. So after a very restless sleep I woke realizing that this just had to be a scrap quilt. ( I seem to solve a lot of my quilting "issues" overnight when I should be sleeping). And so it began. My theme for my quilt is - the fabric must be a scrap from a project I have made over the years. The colors I have used for gifts and myself are so diverse, it will be interesting to see how it will come together. The best part of this idea was that I used up all those bits of bindings as they are the exactly the right size.
 After seeing Leanne's version with the little stitchery, Yippee....
These are some of my flowers. I have been playing with the effect of stripes but I am limited with them being scraps - the fun of the challenge.
Fabrics cut and stored ready for papers.

I use this little project bag to take my hexagons to any place of waiting - train station, school pick ups, Dr's etc. If I have to wait I might as well see something for my time. I have also found stitching with silk thread an absolute dream. I found the 100% cotton seemed to tangle. 
I now find myself putting aside little bits for my hexagons whenever I cut a new project, and just quietly I probably buy a little more so I have more leftover. After all this quilt is supposed to have a hexagon representing each project I have sewn.  I am looking forward to Vignette Issue 3 to see how Leanne Beasley finishes the quilt. 



  1. the hexagons looks great........welcome to I can comment too..............could get a comment to happen on the first post..........

  2. The hexagons look great. Portable projects are so good aren't they? Welcome to blogland...I am very new to blogging also.