Monday, 18 April 2011

Rachel's Quilt

Rachel and her family were our neighbours in Melbourne for eleven years. Their kids were about the same age as ours and played in the cul de sac most weekends. We would catch up over the fence, wave and help each other as you do. It's funny how neighbours share a certain part of their lives. It's not sticky beaking but you do have a bond. So you can imagine our shock when this lovely person that always has a bit of news to share or time for a chat gives you the news of early stage 2 breast cancer. My life certainly gained an all new perspective. Her family of course stepped up to the plate but as a neighbour I wanted to help but not interfere. They needed their time to deal with things.
With her treatment  and surgeries I knew they would have along road ahead. I really did feel for them. I was in shock and I wasn't the one with the diagnosis.
At this time I worked in a patchwork shop, so when I went into work the next day I started looking for the boldest brightest colours I could find. My boss pointed out a layer cake - Fresh by Deb Strain Moda. The top fabric had been staring at me for weeks and I never really liked it. They were orange and red tulips on a blue background - just not me. However when you actually picked it up and looked through the rest of the layer the, the designs and colours were wow. I did include that top fabric and loved it.

I bought the layercake. I now felt like I was helping. I booked the quilter, and asked her as a favour to do a rush job, and started sewing.
I backed it in polar fleece, and used wool batting, my quilter was a bit nervous using a stretch fabric for the backing but ended up loving the finished product. So did I.

Rachel loved the quilt and would take it hospital for every treatment. She used to get very cold and it was cuddly and warm. When the nurses would come in to see how she was going, Rachel loved the way the conversation changed and directed onto the quilt with it's colours or the pattern of a particular fabric. She liked the way it turned the conversation away from The Big C topic.
I am really pleased to say Rachel's surgeries and treatment were successful and she is doing very well. It has been over three years and she is back at work.



  1. Rachel was very lucky to have such a lovely friend and the quilt dose make you fill very happy. I am so glad she is doing so well now.

  2. What a lovely story Kaye. Having worked in oncology I could relate to the nurses all gathering around to look at the beautiful quilt. I also love the fact that you backed it with fleece, so warming.. Hope you are doing well too..