Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Teachers Pressie

My 10 year old daughter has had a good year at school, her teacher has been lovely and although I hate to say it, sometimes this is not the case. Teachers have a hard job....... Need I say more. Anyway I am ashamed to say that I had completely forgotten her gift. My theme this year for our family gifts is mug rugs, as you may have read. I like the idea of mug rugs, we all have our tea / coffee as a breather - some of us have to have it on the go. It is nice to think that when you have this mind saving beverage that a little rug, a nice cup and a couple of biscuits adds to the moment.
So pedal to the metal............ I am so pleased with how it turned out. I did not have time to think and rethink as I usually do. I pulled the fabrics, found a pattern and set too. The pattern had never been tried before. I usually like to test a pattern before I make it as a gift. Sigh of relief. It is a Chandlers Cottage - Chinese Treasure Purse www.chandlerscottage.com . I bought it as a kit about 8 years ago and have never made it up - and now I will. It is on my things to do list. We buy, we have intentions, we buy...........

This is the mug rug.

The bag and bag base, I like the pin wheel effect. I also placed a plastic bag base on the inside of the bag. It is removable.

And finally the whole package.

I had to take the pictures by the pool, the only good light for photo's. Perth has been seeing some really unusual weather and yesterday saw fantastic cloud formations and colour as well as the most spectacular lightning show and 40mm of rain in 30 minutes. This makes it our wettest December in 65 years.
Only 2 mug rugs left that need binding with a few days to spare.

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