Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What's In My Basket.

My sewing room also doubles as a guest room, so when we have visitors stay I shut down my sewing and move my table to allow bed and bits in. The down side is I am unable to access my machine and fabrics, the upside is I set up my basket and put in all the little hand sewing projects that need to be finished. Usually these are not in one place so they get forgotten. So in the lead up to the arrival of guests, I sought through my room putting bits away and give it a clean. When the guests leave I have a lovely clean slate to fill with my "creativity". In my house a messy sewing room is labelled "Creative". So back to my basket. Now just because I put things in my basket doesn't mean I get it all finished, wishful thinking.....

Yes it is pretty full, and the sad thing is I could have added a heap more.

Bindings for Mug Rugs - Xmas pressies....... Before my visitors arrived I was madly sewing on the last of my bindings at the machine.
Ready to hand stitch
Ready to machine stitch

Tis the Season stitcheries. I had hoped to have these finished for Christmas, but I am not too bothered if I don't. I did finish two other hangings so this could be a nice new one for next year.

These are some blocks from Teddy Tea Party by Teddlywinks. This project has been going on for about 3 years, I think this is a good one for me to finish in 2012. 

Heaps of hexagons as always. Progress has been good on this project. I thought this would be a long term, however I seem to be cruising quite nicely at the moment.
I had enough fabrics leftover from the mug rugs to make a table runner for my dining table. Our table is a 12 seater, so table runners seem like small quilts when putting them together. This runner and the 30 mug rugs were made out of two Jelly Rolls. I then purchased plain colored and white homespun for borders and binding. I couldn't decide which color binding to use on the runner so as you can see I used them all.  

I have just realised that I have not made a gift for my daughters teacher so I will have to jump to that, 5 days until school breakup - nothing like a deadline. We have had a good year with this particular teacher and I would like to make something extra special. I also make my Nanna's dresses and they have been bumped up the priority list. So the few bits I have put on the back burner will be nice to finish off in the new year. Boy that sounds weird. Christmas - not far away.......


  1. Lots of things happening at your place Kaye! I love your runner, and did I read right - 30 mug rugs??

  2. enjoy the stitcheries........they are quick and fun to stitch up.........

  3. You do sound busy Kaye. All your work looks beautiful, I love the table runner.

  4. Cripes!! I thought I had problems with just one project to finish. Like you said to me... a little bit of pressure helps get things done. You have lots of lovely projects to work on... as for 30 mug rugs.... you deserve a medal!! ;)
    Good luck.... as if you need it!

  5. I like your table runner,love the colour's, nice job...