Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A Month ?

Well I am still trying to work out where the last month has gone. I thought with everyone back at work and school I would ................ Let's just say a whole month has passed since my last post, A LOT has happened and I know I have been flat out but I don't seem to have a lot to show for my time. I have also noticed that a lot of fellow bloggers seem to be posting less at the moment so I guess we are all in the same boat. I have managed to do a bit of sewing this last few weeks, a very small finish and a few ticks on a couple of bigger projects.

 I finished stitching my Tis the Season blocks November last year. I finally chose my fabrics from my stash to sash the blocks, they are all Nancy Halvorsen's from her last three Christmas ranges........

Wow my photo's are a bit on the hmmmmmm side. Anyway you get the idea, I have rehearsed my borders on the design wall, I have tried to be spontaneous with fabric placement but I like to try before I sew......... I now need to buy the fabric for the 1st border and backing.
On to the next........ This little project has been on the go about seven years. Why? I don't know. I started it to try out a technique and moved onto the actual project. Silly thing is I was left with a little project that didn"t need much doing to it and yet it has just sat. The strips used in this where leftovers from another project.

It makes a great cookie barrel mat. My barrel is Australian Pottery made in Queensland and has a very rough bottom, the kids like to slide it on my bench to access it, so I thought the mat might protect my bench surface.
The bright fabrics don't really go with the pottery style but it will do the job for now. It is out of my UFO pile.

I have been dabbling in some knitting lately and chipping away at some of my big projects, I really want to finish some of  these long timers so I can start some newies. Okay focus and finish is my goal for this month, you know how it is, you hit a snag, put it down.......... I think I might knit a bit tonight and choose a project tomorrow......

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  1. your Tis the season blocks are looking great....
    ...do you want to email me some pics and what you want to say and I can post to the SAL blog??

    I think lots of us have been a bit to busy this year...........it's already the end of March....