Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Only Little.....

See this little tag. it is part of a bigger picture. I finished the bigger picture for Christmas, but this little tiny simple tag didn't get done. It has been nagging me from my incomplete basket. Whispering not always quietly....... Well it is done. I had completed the stitchery about two years ago, all I had to do was blanket stitch it to the felt and add the ribbon and bells. 

 This is the bigger picture it belongs too. 

A Teddlywinks design.
I know it is only another small one, I have had kids and then husband home on holidays so I have not had the house too myself since the 1st of December 2011. I have now finally got rid of them all and the juices to sew are starting to flow. I have some big ones to finish so here's to March.....

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  1. Its gorgeous!! Would love to see some more close up shots!