Saturday, 28 January 2012

Does it Count?

It has been hot and humid, not a standard Perth summer. Usually it is just plain hot. My sewing is progressing mostly in the cool of the air conditioner which means hand sewing. I have a finish, I hope it counts for "Sew it's Finished " - it has been sitting in the bottom of my basket for quite awhile, at least six months and all they needed was press studs. Why do we leave the smallest, simplest things so long. Seriously a press stud. Anyway complete are two camera bags..........

I have also had a big win on the hexagon front, I am now down to needing only 23 more flowers to then start putting them together for the Vignette Hexagon Quilt. My hexagon quilt is being made from fabrics used in other quilting projects, my problem now is I have used all the fabric I have so I am now needing to finish projects to create fabrics for this quilt, so it may sit still awhile.

A Few.
And then some more.

I am now back to an applique wall hanging, the last of my hand stitching - I may have to change that. I like to have projects to swap between. It depends on what mood or how tired I am as to what I sit and stitch sooooo......... What to do. I am very heavy on machine projects and need some machine time. First tidy up creative genius........... Kids back at school......... It may come soon.................... 


  1. I love your little camera holders and your hexie flowers are very pretty.

  2. Great camera bags and beautiful, beautiful flowers!