Thursday, 12 January 2012

Getting Serious

While avoiding the issue, I was blog hopping, I came across a post mentioning a group the blogger had joined (Was so excited - forgot to take down original bloggers info to give her credit). The blog is "Sew It's Finished 2012". The button is on the left side of my page. Exactly what the Dr ordered. I need to finish some of my to do list before adding new projects. I have got honest with myself and have listed ( I think ) all I have outstanding. Looking over the list *** sigh*** there is a lot of what I call long timers.... This means they require many, many hours of hand stitching and of course only sew many hours in a day. I also have quite a few long termers....... those that have been on my list of half completed a very long time. It will be nice to have the support of the group to see some of these through.
The thought of joining this group has spurred me on to complete a wall hanging quilt that has been in the making nearly six years. My Accuquilt has also been a big help. I received a cutter that does 9 - 2 1/2 squares in one cut , and as this quilt is from scrap sized fabric pieces - this reduced the cutting time by about 3 hours. It took me 10 mins. Oh the bliss. Usually by the time I have finished cutting - my time in my craft space is over and family duties step up, I then have to wait until "next time".

As you can see they are sample sized pieces of fabric, all different sizes. The Accuquilt cuts six layers at a time and doesn't care if they are all odd sizes, I lined them up to get the best I could from the fabric.

This is progress, I am much further on now than when this photo was taken ( 3 days ago ) I have hit a little snag - so am working through it. Plus back to school shopping has to be done.......


  1. Oh my - you have quite a list too...... makes me feel a lot better Kaye!
    Good luck with getting lots finished in 2012.....

  2. What a great idea that why I join OPAM (one project a month) you can have a old project or finish a new project. You keep a record of what you have finshed each month on your side bar you get one entry for every item you made and you could win a prize, I have not won any think yet but I have been doing it now for three year and it is lot of fun. I did forget to tell you all your items have to be made from fabric.