Sunday, 22 January 2012

My Sewing Birdie.....

My youngest has watched me sew "all" her life. She thinks it's normal that at 4 years of age she draws a picture to be transferred to fabric ( by her Mum ) to then sit and sew after kinder. A stitchery she completed a few years ago surfaced from her craft box needing borders and a binding. During the school year she doesn't have the inclination to sew - homework and other commitments keep her busy however Christmas holidays gives her time and patience to tackle her sewing projects.

A couple of years ago Father Christmas bought her a Brother sewing machine ( I think he knew her Mum is not good at sharing her pride and joy ). She has done a heap of practice over this time to sew straight 1/4 inch seams, and just generally learning her machine.

So it was my great pleasure to show her how to sew borders and a binding on the little long lost stitchery. We used up some left over jelly roll strips and to give her a little challenge we put corner stones in the border. Plus it added the extra bit of colour she wanted.
This holidays has seen me enlarge and trace out six new stitcheries for her. I am a very smiling Mum.

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  1. always wonderful to see kids sewing and learning new skills........