Friday, 11 May 2012

More to the Cause

Ever since I packed up my laptop to make more room for creative genius in my sewing room, I must admit that my blog posting has definitely dropped off. With my extremely busy last few months anything that is not at arms length seems to be hard work. Time to change.
What have I been up to? Well besides enjoying a heap of rain, very unusual for Perth this time of the year. By a heap I mean approximately 80mm over a week, I have been sewing more quilts for my niece. As explained in my previous post, my niece required some tactile items for her children in her class.

Another rag edge, more for the boys this time, the quilt measures finished 40" by 48". that seems rather a good size but the weight of the denim backing, gave me work out. It will be sturdy and hard wearing. I do plan to make a picnic rug one day with all my old jeans. I have been saving them, so this has been a warm up so to speak.

Now this was an interesting quilt to make. It is a tactile, activity mat. The zipper pulls down to reveal polar fleece. The buttons can be undone. and on either side are two pockets with elasticated tops to hide goodies in for the kids to pull out or tuck in. There are rings stitched into the seems in case we want to tie things to the quilt. The rest of the mat is made up of 3D or tactile fabrics.

I have placed a little fuzzy in the pocket..........

Theses are knitted or crocheted squares from different wools. The children will be able to pull these out the pockets to rub or feel the different textures of the wools. I have one more mat to make and more goodies to fill the pockets.

My mum sent me over a care package to support the cause, these were squares leftover from a rag edge she made recently, they have made a small floor throw.

This throw is backed in polar fleece. Small improvisation was required, some of the squares were a bit small. But then that is patchwork after all. and finally.......

These little goodies with ribbons. The kids are not the only ones who like to stroke the ribbons. I am having today off from sewing and will start again tomorrow. I have been sewing every day now since Easter. So a day off will refresh the senses.
Tomorrow will be 29 degrees celsius, and after the rain my garden needs a good tidy. Although it is autumn unseasonal rain encourages growth. All of the next week we are forecast rain again. So my next sewing day will be Sunday.
 Happy Mothers Day to all, I wish you  a lovely day.  

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  1. So many lovely projects, that tactile rug looks wonderful, full of interesting things!