Friday, 29 June 2012


When I joined this group I was soooooo going to finish a heap of projects including the big ones, unknown to me another large project was going to challenge my one project a month off my to do list. The big projects are still at the bottom of the list but the little annoying ones are being completed. I am struggling even to meet the little ones, but I am really enjoying the incentive of an email from the lovely organisers of this blog and use it as my driver to complete and post.

This finish is the leftovers from flying geese construction on this little quilt. 

So from a couple of extra lines of sewing, which at the time I thought I was nuts, I finished two coasters. The original quilt was started 3 or 4 years ago, and I was too tight to throw these bits away. I am really looking forward to trying one out tonight with my cup of tea.

I have added a few more hexagons to my collection, and have been very busy with commissioned sewing......which is very cool. I have even registered my ABN - for me kinda cool. So my lack of blogging is due to lots of sewing.
Happy End of Financial Year.........

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